Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Konnichiwa - An Ode to Ru San's

Buenas Tardes Konnichiwa welcome to Ru San
I am Pablo san
Two for Sushi Bar Welcome- Welcome
Make yourself feel home

Juan san on the fryer- tempura in a rush
Lopez making Maki over the din has fallen a hush

Hector busing tables, Juan is pouring tea
Jim and Anne at their table sipping Sake

A vision in a headband with an up side down Japanese smile. Fast hands and a swift knife he’s been at this a good while.

He can filet a delicate snapper
Before others can remove its wrapper.
He can create a sashimi tray
As if it were child’s play.

Starting as an apprentice in Osaka
He rose to Sushi Master
Destined to serve the star and the starlet

Some how his destiny has brought him here to Charlotte

Domo - Domo Arigato Thank You.
Thank You Very Much he bellows.

His mission more than anything is to ignite these
Not so Japanese fellows.

Mas wasabi dozo. Three orders to go.
Times for eel come out of broiler don’t forget brush on the sauce.
Si I got it covered. I wont fail you boss.

Three Queen City Roll, One Mayor Pat Maki, Two Redneck Hand Roll. One NASCAR Nigiri
For a swift second he wonders
Has he dishonored history?

For a moment he is shaken
Perhaps his ancestors he has forsaken

Rusan again feels pride he takes it all in stride

From boyhood he remembers
His great grandfather Hiro san
He thinks of now and then
And his eternal message

“Boy Go For The Yen”

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rexeaglenet said...

nice poem godfather dude