Thursday, December 13, 2007

131 Main

131 Main has opened in the former Patou location at the corner of East Blvd and Scott Ave. The place looks great; they have done a great job on the renovation. Ceilings have been lowered and the place feels more cozy and intimate. The big issue to get past is parking but they do have free valet parking. I was really lucky and parked in the lot just a few feet away on East Blvd.
On my lunch visit I had the awesome roast beef sandwich and the god father must admit it was pretty darn awesome. It came with some pretty good shoestring fries a great au ju and the waiter offered some horseradish sauce that was a super addition. But I don’t think the god father will be having many lunches here. Add a tea, tax and tip and welcome to a $20 lunch. This is a bit rich for the GFL for a RB sandwich even a darn awesome one. Too many great lunch options under $10 available at many other places.
On my dinner visit Mrs. G-father had the Mahi-Mahi that was perfectly cooked and served with a wonderfully seasoned rice salad with an Indian flair. I had the crab cakes that are all lump crabmeat with just enough filler to hold them together. Served over a tasty mustard based sauce they were a delight. They come with fries but the waitress let me know I could exchange for a veggie so I had the asparagus. First served cold, that’s how they prepared them. When the waitress saw I was surprised she offered to have them steamed for me. On both visits the service was excellent in particular at dinner. Dinner was not cheap but it is what you should expect to pay for an excellent meal, prepared well and served professionally. I look forward to returning for dinner.

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