Monday, September 22, 2008

Pie Town - what a pity

I have been looking forward to trying the pizza at Pietown. I tried going the first night they opened and the long line and the two-hour wait kept me away. I could not wait anymore and picked up four pies for Mrs. G. a couple of friends and me. The four pies cost over $67. I can deal with that for great pizza but Godfather is very sad it feels like a close friend has been whacked. I wanted to love this place. I expected so much and I got gotz, nada zero, zilch. The crust that had been billed as world class has no class. No crunch, no crispness, no flavor. Tasted a bit like the inside of a chimney. The list of toppings is impressive but the amounts used are not generous. I literally could not taste the cheese. It's a sad day in Charlotte for GFL and all of the Queen City pizza lovers. Where can you get better you ask? GFL recommends Louisa's Brick Oven Pizza, Cafe Intermezzo and Luigi's

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nolia Revisited

Last night I attended a Grand Opening party at Nolia. When I last dined at Nolia I enjoyed the food but found the walls stark and rather boring. I am pleased to report that the atmosphere has been transformed by the addition of artwork displayed through the restaurant. All from local Charlotte artists. It definitely adds a unique personality to the restaurant, which is housed in a beautifully restored craftsman style home. I snacked on some excellent house smoked salmon a delicious fried green tomato canapé, some top notch Hummus and Tabouli. I believe this marriage of pleasing decor and excellent cuisine takes Nolia to the next level. I look forward to returning soon for dinner, lunch or the tempting sounding weekend brunch.