Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chinese Restaurant News

Effective January 1st the former owners of HoHo China Bistro will be assuming the ownership of Shun Lee Palace a long time favorite Chinese restaurant.

HoHo China Bistro of Dilworth has been closed for a while now due to its small size and a location that was a bit too hidden. They have moved to Cherry House Chine Bistro at Pecan Point shopping center. Most of the same wonderful HoHo dishes can be found here. This location is much easier to find, but from a business point of view still too small.

As of January 1st the owners of HoHo Cherry House China Bistro will become the new owners of Shun Lee Palace, a true Charlotte institution for 30 years. The menu has all of the old school dishes like Chow Mein, Pepper Steak and Moo Goo Gai Pan, also interesting dishes featuring Lamb, Duck and Seafood specialties. A full range of Mandarin, Szechuan, Hunan and Cantonese Cuisine are all represented.

The menu and the staff will remain unchanged. A good idea - when it’s not broken don’t fix it. Located at 4340 Colwick Road, across from the Cotswold Mall, one block from Randolph Road. Make it a New Year Godfather must munch.


The Lunch Pail said...

I could not agree more! HoHo's Chinese Bistro was a complete joy! After Carolinas Healthcare Systems bought the block and they closed, I was wondering where I could get my Peking Duck and General Tso's Chicken! Good to hear the Godfather has uncovered another "edible nugget" of pure gastrointestinal bliss! Way to to go Godfather...

GodFatherOfLunch said...

Thank you pail!
HoHo was indeed a hidden treasure.
I am not surprised that a gourmet with a palate like yours could sniff it out. If you’re craving some of those great HoHo dishes remember Cherry House at Pecan Pointe.
Hope to join you for many exciting culinary adventures.