Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Halcyon Flavors from the Earth

Planning for my birthday dinner Monday night I found that Halcyon Flavors from the Earth is closed for dinner on Monday. The fact that I have always enjoyed the food of Chef Marc Jacksina coupled with me wanting what I want resulted in a birthday lunch.

For some time I have felt that Charlotte had many decent restaurants but I often leave feeling that the food was just okay. Many places are “fine dining” posers. They try with silver domes and high prices to lull you into a state where you forget that the menu just was not at all interesting or if it was they drop the ball with poor execution.

Chef Marc Jacksina and Halcyon Flavors of the Earth is the real deal, they offer Charlotte dinners an experience of creativity that is being executing with both pride and precision. The space is fantastic I wont go further in describing it as I would show up in to a phone booth for food this well crafted.

Mrs. G. had perfectly prepared and pristinely fresh sea scallops with roasted Brussels sprouts enhanced with bacon and a light sauce.

I went with what I was informed was a new menu item Three Pigs. Some how both simple with flavors that were complex. First a BLT slider, excellent thick cut bacon, sun dried tomato and lettuce on a nice slider bun. Really good and it gets better. Next a pork meatball, moist succulent but not in the least bit greasy, brushed with a glaze that elevated this porky orb to new levels of wonderful. Served over collard greens that sang in harmony with their porcine passenger. The third little pig was a magnificent piece of pork belly, coaxed to surrender maximum taste, the combination of meaty/ fatty was perfection with the French lentils that accompanied.

This is what its all about for me. Top quality local ingredients, an intelligent, innovative menu executed with journeyman like skill and true artistry. Mrs. G. and I left excited by our meal and planning to come back for dinner and weekend brunch ASAP.

The Queen city has arrived this is world-class food that would please palates in any city.


jonathan said...

All you do is praise restaurants! Are you a real critic or just a cheerleader. Everthing tastes delicious everywhere I go bla bla bla. How about being objective for once. No wonder nobody looks at this blog anymore. You are a fraud!

Sheldon said...

I see your point. A while ago I realized that this is not a hobby or something that folks who work or own restaurants do for kicks. This is how they earn a living, support families, pay mortgages and put food on the table. I decided that if I did not have anything good to say I would say nothing and I would not return to give them any future business. Perhaps that makes me a bad critic, perhaps that is why I have not kept up with this blog. On the positive side, I sleep like a baby.

jonathan said...

Did the Godfather have a heart attack or something? I have been waiting with baited breath for another one of his verbose corporate cheerleader reviews of every flash in the pan restaurant in this city!

jonathan said...

I miss you GFL!