Friday, January 30, 2009

You can’t say No to Nonna’s

Life in Charlotte is grand. That being said, hey sometimes it has its moments when we have to settle for a bit less than what we fondly remember. Case in point, ordering a salad or a sub at a “deli” and watching in sad disbelief as some kid weighs and portion controls a hint of tasteless cheese passing for provolone or adds cold cuts that just had to have been produced by chef-boy-ardee.

Well its time to put a hit out on that old place, the real deal is here in the queens city. I speak of
Nonna’s Kitchen located at 828 E. Morehead Street, Charlotte. NC.

The place is too small because when word of mouth gets around they will be slammed. A long assembly line like counter greets you staffed by a large staff that creates what you order as you order it, nothing pre made and sitting around.

Watching my figure as I am, I opted for the Soprano Salad. This is a tomato-based salad with Chicken, Cappacola, Proscuitto, Provolone and roasted red peppers. Yeah, that’s right I deluded myself that this was a low call lunch. Basically it was the sandwich I really wanted without the bread. At least I cut out some carbs.

It was not just good. It was outstanding. First the base of the salad, the tomato’s are a very risky way to go in mid winter. Somehow they managed to get tomato’s that actually have taste now. This doesn’t happen unless three things are present. They know, they care and they execute. They do, they do and they did. The provolone had a hit of sharpness and that made it a delight. All of the meats were first rate and it was not just a tiny bite here and there. The cold cuts and the provolone were layered atop of the tomato’s making for both a very satisfying and delicious salad that was a fantastic lunch.

I look forward to returning soon and often. The menu offers more tasty sounding salads, hot sandwiches including Mary’s Meatball, Hoagies with options like Provolone, Mortadella, Sopressata, Capocolla and condiments like Pesto Mayo, Hot Pepper rings, and roasted red peppers.

The owner is from Philly; the cashier is from Long Island. These folks “get it”. Take it from the GodfatherOfLunch this is the Real Deal Italian Style.

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