Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breakfast to brag about in Charlotte

Mrs. G. and I went to Big Daddy's Burger Bar on East Blvd. this AM for breakfast that's right BREAKFAST.
I am fussy about my eggs being done right. Hard to believe huh? That’s the classic way to interview a cook is to have him or her prepare an egg.
Well, I found out the chef had a brief stint cooking at the White House for 'W" and he was asked by the chef to prepare an omelet, scrambled eggs and poach an egg. Very Cool.

My wife's omelet with Brie and tomato was fantastic and my soft scrambled eggs were absolute perfection. Up until now no one could make scrambled eggs for me better than me, well these were the best scrambled eggs I have ever eaten. Mrs. G. had hers with fresh fruit and I had the sausage and potatoes. That’s why she is the cute one.

Breakfast is a new weekend thing at Big Daddy's Burger Bar - Saturday and Sunday AM only. It was strange to see the place less than packed but word of breakfast is just sneaking out. The lines they have at lunch will be forming for breakfast soon. Sadly Charlotte does not have many quality breakfast options. When word starts to spread about breakfast this good you better be their at 8AM when they open to get a good table.


CharlotteSpoon said...

Breakfast! Who knew! I'm still excited about trying lunch there (sweet potato fries, yum!) but I'll have to add breakfast to the list. Heck, maybe I'll start with breakfast and just stick around until I'm hungry again . . .

The Charlotte Spoon

GodFatherOfLunch said...

Now that is an excellent plan

Anonymous said...

Godfather, oh contraire!!

There are many amazing places to grab breakfast out in the vast expanse of hospitality and culinary delight we refer to as the Queen City.

Now, my Godfather may not like the idea of some places serving "Brunch" or "Breakfast All Day", but there are some wonderful places for us to achiveve Breakfast Nirvana!

Maybe, my Godfather would be willing to make it a mission to search out a few, even take a few suggestions, and write a few delish reviews...

No disrespect, my Godfather, I just felt the need to "chime in" and give my Culinary Mentor inspiration...

The Lunch Pail

GodFatherOfLunch said...

Pail - O - Mine,

The silence is deafening. You failed to mention even one breakfast spot. I am always happy to receive suggestions. I only ask they you don't toy with the Godfather. Make it good or you may get whacked.
The Waffle House has lines out the door, but spare me any suggestions along theses line.


Anonymous said...

What about OHop by uptown? The bananna/pecan pancakes and eggs benedict are heavenly!

Also good if you are in the south Charlotte area -- Flying Biscuit Cafe @ Stonecrest. Great omlettes, grits and fresh biscuits.

I'm looking though for a good spot for a bit fancier breakfast/brunch -- think "52" at the Four Seasons NYC or The River Cafe in Brooklyn kind-of-elegant. Does Charlotte have anything that comes even close?

GodFatherOfLunch said...

I have just the place for you. Zebra restaurant on Fairview in Southpark should be just what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

or the Westin which has an excellent breakfast buffet for ~$18-$20