Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nolia Has Potential

Mrs G. and I had dinner at Nolia the other evening. It was kinda sorta pretty good. What they are calling Southern Bistro. Mrs G. had a crab cake appetizer and a goat cheese salad. She reported the crab cake was excellent, liked the texture had lots of crab and a nice remoulade. The salad had beets, walnuts and goat cheese. She felt it was too light on the dressing. I had seared sea scallops with beets and requested the sauteed arugula as a sub for the mashed potato's. The scallops very nicely seared, firmed up the outside with a very moist inside. The arugula was well seasoned. The beets while tasting good were not drained and created a pink watery puddle on my plate. Other than the pink puddle which The Godfather did not like the meal was pretty decent. The atmosphere felt a bit bleak. Boring white tile on the floor, boring white on the walls, and boring white paper on the tables. I think they are going for a minimalist vibe but this felt sort of low rent industrial. The wait for the waitress to arrive at our table a bit too long, but she was accommodating once she arrived. The owner introduced herself after the meal and was very charming and eager to hear feed back about our experience, kudo's to her. Overall a pretty good meal but the place needs some tweaking. I am impressed enough to try again soon. I feel they have potential to be something special


Anonymous said...

I love Nolia!!! We live in the Elizabeth neighborhood and are so excited to have such a great restaurant with character and flair. We tried to new brunch this weekend and it is probably the best breakfast I've had in Charlotte. I had a vegetable egg white omelet with a buscuit to die for and my sister-in-law had pecan pancakes with huge pieces of candied pecans all in the cakes. The service was great and the place has a real neighborhood unique feel to it. Please try it out!! We love it!

GodFatherOfLunch said...

Thanks for the heads up. I really need to get back to Nolia. All of the kinks should be worked out by now.
I have been enjoying the wonderful breakfast at Big Daddy's Burger Bar on East Blvd. lately. Just to change things up perhaps I will give brunch at Nolia a whirl.

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