Thursday, February 21, 2008

Godfather soon to be Famous ?

I have been a regular at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar eating lots of salads as of late in an effort to build a better godfather. Great salads topped with chicken breast, turkey burger etc.
The general manager Donny mentioned that to keep things fresh he was going to add some new items to the menu. He mentioned a tuna burger, Portabella burger to name a few. I have had the Tuna burger and it is a gem. I had it atop of mixed greens with the soy ginger dressing and it was truly delicious. The great news in addition to being delicious it’s made with no filler. It is actually good for you.
Donny asked the godfather what burger I would like to see added to the menu and I of course said the godfather burger, as I am a shy and unassuming kind of guy.
Well asked Donny “what is a godfather burger?
Burger with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese I explained. To which Donny replied, “done”
Today as a lunch special low and behold there it was!!
The Godfather – Prime Angus Burger cooked to your desire topped with mozzarella and marinara sauce with your choice of side. WOW I am deeply moved. Well I just had to go for it. I didn’t go totally nuts. I had it on a whole-wheat bun, with a side of the chopped salad and a UN sweet tea. What a tasty tribute. What a thrill to eat myself and to my delight I am a very tasty treat indeed. Donny tells me it is a great seller and people are raving about it. I am truly touched just ask anyone.


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rexeaglenet said...

good article

no vegetarian left behind

thanks Godfather

Anonymous said...

GFL - where the heck have you been on chowhound? Have you and Lynnlato abandoned me? I was happy to see your post today and hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

It was my honor to be able to join you for my first experience at Big Daddy's Burger Bar, and your call is right on! Awesome place!! I can't wait to go back and try the GodFather burger!! All hail the GodFatherOfLunch!!

GFL said...

Thanks for the great post. Very happy you enjoyed Big Daddy's You should try the Buffalo Burger sometime, It Rocks!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Southern Italian. I am doing great on a diet and have not been keeping up with the blog. eating well and healthy can be done but it's not always easy.