Friday, January 11, 2008

Scintillating Salmon

Scintillating Salmon / A Poem and Recipe

Take a salmon filet and spread it with mayo.
Spread it thick so it looks all white.
I know it’s a lot of Mayonnaise but hey it’s all right.

Now sprinkle the top with lots of dried dill, just keep on sprinklin its part of the thrill.

When you’re done sprinkling you will see only green, thats ok you’ll see what I mean.

Turn up the oven high as she goes. Bake about twenty minutes but stay on your toes.
The salmon is safe inside of the mayo. Hiding inside, as not to get dry it stays nice and moist, so give it a try.

Flavorful and tasting of dill you’ll give people pleasure and one heck of a thrill and of course a peek at your skill.


Anonymous said...

This recipe has all the panash of a week old fart!

GodFatherOfLunch said...

Try it you will like it!!!.
I speak of the salmon
not the fart

Anonymous said...

agree with first anon. reading that makes me gag.

jonathan said...

I threw up in my mouth.